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Erin Setter is a manager, partner engagement for Brand USA, the nation’s destination marketing organization with the mission of increasing international visitation to the United States, fueling the nation’s economy, and enhancing the image of the USA worldwide. In this role, Erin is responsible for developing and nurturing relationships with Brand USA partners in the Midwest and Mountain West to maximize partner participation in cooperative marketing programs.

Erin, who joined Brand USA in October 2015, started as a partner service representative and, in two years, managed the execution of contracts to fulfill partner marketing plans with Brand USA. She came to Brand USA from AMSAQ, Inc., in Rockville, Maryland, where she worked as a research assistant on annual support service contracts. In college, she interned for the industry relations manager at Explore Minnesota in St. Paul.

Erin graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor of science degree in recreation resource management: resourced-based tourism and a minor in film studies. Most recently, Erin was inducted into Dl's 2020 "30 Under 30" class. 

Erin has visited four countries, 41 U.S. states, and one territory. She was drawn to Brand USA because she was attracted to the cooperation of the tourism industry in bringing together tourism sectors for the greater success of a travel destination - economically as well as socially and environmentally.