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We've created this space in the online community for members to share position descriptions with one another. Feel free to post your position descriptions in the categories below to help provide guidance to your fellow Destinations International members who may be hiring for similar positions.

These position descriptions are meant to be used as a template for fellow CVB's who are hiring for similar positions. To view and apply for open positions, please visit our Career Center.

Disclaimer: You need to be a member of each discussion group in order to access its library. If you do not have permission to view a discussion group's library, click Join Community at the top of the page to gain access.


Convention Sales & Services


CEO's & Executive Directors



Communications & PR


Visitor Services

Submission Instructions:

1. Select the category that best fits your job description. The link will take you to the "job description library" for that group.
2. Select the blue button "Create Entry" at the top of the page.
3. Fill in the job title in the Title section.
4. In the main Description box, please provide a brief description of the position you are posting and select "Standard File Upload" from the drop-down beside Entry Type.
5. Lastly, upload the file.

Disclaimer: Please remove any sensitive information from your job descriptions before uploading, as all members have access to these libraries.