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Reimbursement rate for airline miles

  • 1.  Reimbursement rate for airline miles

    Posted 24 days ago

    Anyone have experience with/a policy for reimbursement of a contractor who used airline miles to offset an otherwise expensive flight?  Google offers a couple of different sources with couple of different rates, ranging from 1.5 cents/mile (Time magazine), 1.7 cents (NerdWallet), 2 cents (Travel+Leisure), 1.4 cents (Lending Tree).  They're all in the same broad ball park, but if anyone's got an in-place policy so I'm not re-inventing this particular wheel, it is appreciated.

    On a potentially related note, if an employee used personal miles to book a convention hotel (or to bring down the cost of same), has anyone ever done any reimbursement for this, and if so, how did you paper it?

    Thanks in advance.

    Maura Allen Gast FCDME
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