2023 Visitor Services Summit

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Visitor Services Summit 2024 and PACE

  • 1.  Visitor Services Summit 2024 and PACE

    Posted 10-25-2023 17:05

    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking at 2024's programming and I'm not sure if this has already been brought up, but any idea if there will be a separate Visitors Services Summit? The PACE forum looks like it covers a lot of the content of this year's Visitor Services Summit so I'm not sure if that's the direction they'll be going. 

    Here's the tentative agenda for the PACE forum: https://marketing.visitphoenix.com/acton/attachment/44195/f-223a5ef4-2b99-4184-a05b-bde34d8495a2/1/-/-/-/-/PACE%20at%20a%20Glance%20-%20Aug.pdf

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    Any ideas? Thank you!

    Alex Sullivan
    Visitors Services & Community Engagement Manager
    Howard County Tourism, Inc.
    Ellicott City MD
    +1 (410) 313-1900